Please Be within 60-90 minutes of Delmar NY 
If you are interested in adopting from GSRNY, please look into our adoption process, on the ADOPTION APPLICATION PAGE, and please read below, before contacting us:

Not all of our dogs are listed on our website here.  Please check our Facebook page and Petfinder as well. 

All of our dogs are fully vetted before adoption. Copies of all medical records will go to adopters.

**Vet appointment dates must be scheduled by adopters and date given to GSRNY before an adoption can take place.

**Due to the Pandemic, Current Restrictions:
Please be able to print, scan and send all paperwork between you and GSRNY through email in PDF format.
Have the ability to video your home, inside and out.
We are thankful for satellite & video options, so we can see your location.

**Excellent vet history and references are a must.
**We ask that adopters have plenty of time to work with an adopted dog/puppy.

Please do keep in mind, your regular work schedule. The Pandemic has changed schedules for some, but should always be training and preparing for regular work hours & schedules**

**Our adoption Process may not be for everyone, or the distance too far. Please check out your local shelters and rescues. There are so many animals in need everywhere, we are only one of many.

**If you are considering adopting from GSRNY, please first read through our adoption process, details and donation fees. If you are still interested in moving forward, please see the ADOPTION APPLICATION PAGE for details.


J.D. (Johnny Drama)   

AVAILABLE for Adoption

JD is estimated to be around 2, give or take. Neutered, and fully vaccinated. This poor guy was hit by a car and left in a ditch. He was in pretty rough shape with a shattered limb, cuts and minor other injuries. He’s all healed up now and his fur is growing back where his limb was removed.
He gets around really well and likes to hop around/run when he gets playful.
JD will make an absolutely wonderful companion for someone. He’s a very mellow, calm boy, who’s affectionate and a an absolute big love.
He’s rather lazy most of the time. He’s crate trained but does well left unsupervised in the house.
Rides well in the car (needs help getting in)
He’s dog tolerant of easy going dogs, but would really like all the attention for himself.
If you think JD might be the right match for you, please consider submitting an application, so we can learn more about you.
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AVAILABLE for Adoption

This sweet, calm, adorable, loving guy is Ben. He’s estimated to be around 3, neutered and up to date on vetting.

Ben is a heart melter. He’s a very loving, affectionate calm boy, who enjoys laying at your feet sleeping or chomping happily on a bone or tossing around a stuffed toy.

Rides well in the car, walks good on the leash.

He is friendly with strangers and all ages/kids, and great company for anyone.

 -He must be the only pet in the home.

He has no problem walking by other dogs, but he doesn’t want to interact and cannot share a space with one.
No kitties.

 -He can break out of a regular crate, so needs a breakout proof crate when he’s left alone.

 He definitely prefers to be with his person, but he’s doing very well with crating.

 If you are interested in giving this sweet boy his forever loving home, please check out our adoption process & details.

If you think Ben might be the right match for you, please consider submitting an application, so we can learn more about you.

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