If you choose to reach out to GSRNY, details regarding your dogs behavior and reasons for surrendering are very important.  Please do not leave out growls/bites/lunging or any detail that would allow us to offer help and direction for you and your dog.  Leaving important details out will prolong the process or forfeit our ability to help you with your dog.  False information will end up with the dog being legally returned to you.  

Details you provide to us will determine how we can best help you and your dog, or refer you where to go and seek help, if not through our GSRNY program.  GSRNY is foster family based (not a shelter or kennel) and cannot take a dog with signs of aggression.

For Direction and potential help, please contact us at


- Please send at least TWO Pictures of your dog

Please Note: GSRNY pulls from Shelters Only, but may offer help and direction for you and your dog.  Special cases are often considered.  Please read below, and reach out to us for help.

German Shepherd Rescue of NY, Inc

Due to a high volume of emails and limited staff, please give1 to 2 weeks for GSRNY to respond.  

If you do not hear back within a week, please resend the original email.
Thank you



We understand this is not an easy decision.  Please be sure you have exhausted all other possibilities before surrendering your dog.  Check with your vet for any and all potential health issues.  Seek out trainers, family members who might help by taking your dog, or if you adopted or purchased your dog, please seek out first refusal rights with the rescue or breeder, it is often required, or the shelter you adopted your dog from might be able to help, as well as offer local rescue contacts if you are not local to GSRNY.